Inventions of Richard LEVY

People are always asking me in awe, “How’d you come up with that invention”? I modestly reply, “I can see what’s not there”. In reality. it was a combination of my twenty-five years as an award-winning Creative Director at NY’s finest ad agencies, my classes at The School of Visual Arts and especially my street smarts of growing up in Brownsville, Brooklyn. As an inventor of very unique and sometimes revolutionary new products my ability “To see what’s not there” has certainly helped inspire my nearly one- hundred inventions. My inventions that bring me joy and rev me up to relentlessly keep inventing, are the ones that help to make the world a safer place. I own some Intellectual Property and have some prototypes, but what makes my inventions so unique are my astute marketing smarts. I understand demographics and how to precisely target product categories with inventions that solve a problem. You might say, if there’s a “disease” I invent the “cure”. Please review my inventions which are in very diverse product categories. If one of them manages to entice you, please don’t hesitate to let me know and I will explain everything you need to know about that invention. I’ll reveal exactly what it is and provide a realistic marketing rationale. I’d prefer to sell my inventions outright for a very affordable, fair price, but will consider licensing them. I’m looking forward to your embracing my “babies”, after all they are my “children” and think they all have huge worldwide sales potential. I hope you agree. —- Richard Levy

"I can see what's not there!"